Protection Plans


Gap Coverage
 - Bridges the gap by waiving the difference between your current outstanding finance balance and your insurance settlement.
Premium Maintenance Plan
 - Coverage includes engine oil and filter changes, multi-point inspections and tire rotation.  Also includes 6 wear items; spark plugs, shock absorbers, clutch disc, engine belts and hoses, brake pads and linings and wiper blades.

 Tire and Wheel Protection - Covers all costs associated with the repair or replacement of tire or wheel due to road side hazard, such as glass or metal, potholes, debris, nails, blowouts.

 Key Care - Replaces your vehicle's key in the event that it is lost or damaged.  Includes lock out assistance.

 Appearance Package - Paintless dent repair, glass repair and cosmetic wheel repair.

 CSI Trace - protection against theft - allows for $2,500 payment if car is stolen and not recovered within 30 days. Also, pays up to $1,000 for insurance deductible.

 WearCare - Waives up to $7,500 in excess wear and use charges; includes protection covering permanent stains, dented body panels, damaged bumper, worn or damaged wheels, dents and scratches, trim or molding.
LoJack Recovery System
 - Recovery system used by the police to recover your stolen vehicle.  A small transmitter is randomly hidden in the vehicle and is automatically activated when car is reported stolen.  Comes with a money back guarantee of up to $695 is vehicle is not recovered within 24 hours.  Requires no monthly fees.
 - We offer a wide variety of accessories for your new vehicle, including body side molding, hand painted pin stripes, fender well trim, customer wood dashes, door guards, dash cameras.
 ArmorAll SmartShield - Paint and fabric protection up to five years guarantee against loss of gloss, acid rain, bird droppings, sun exposure.  Fabric protection guaranteed against staining from normal day to day spills. Watch the ArmorAll SmartShield video for more information.